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The Tech Center was founded with the goal of providing a safe haven for techs and their cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, or anything else with an engine.  In a world where these individuals are little understood, and under appreciated, we felt the need to give them a place where they can go to be with their own kind.  Check the Events page for upcoming car, truck or tractor events in the area.  The Photos page has a gallery of pics from us and our readers.  The Parade page has a few pictures from the 11th Annual Tractor Parade in Callicoon, NY.  The Links page has info on contacting us and sites you may want to visit.  Things are in no particular order on this page, so scroll down to see it all.

If you have photos to submit, send them to Photos@eastmainauto.com .



We now have a Marxist in the White House.  If you didn't think it was important to join the NRA before, you should now.  Obama has said that he thinks the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are "fundamentally flawed documents".  If you work and abide by the law, you are in trouble.  Click the image below and join.

For all of us suckers with jobs; we'll just keep working, pay our taxes and keep our mouth shut.  Obama will spread our hard earned wealth.

The New York Times has a long history of bias, distortion and outright treason.  Click HERE to see where it started.

In the mid seventies, Time and Newsweek, along with the New York Times and "experts", warned of an impending Ice Age.  Now it's man-made Gobal Warming?  The Times has changed postion on the subject repeatedly in the past 100 years.  In the early 1900's we were going to freeze, then in the 1930's the earth was going to burn up.  In the 70's we were back to freezing and now, well, you know, the Al Gore thing.